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Get Ready for an all new exciting Look to Booth 99. I've been collecting and creating for a few weeks now to make Booth 99 a destination for Scrapers and Artists alike!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jannie's Altered Ouija Board

Halloween Fun!
I had a request to Alter a Ouija Board, so I gave it a shot!  Below are some pictures--again with the side shot on most of them!  Aggrevation too early on Sunday Morning!!
Maybe it's evil spirits playing tricks with me?? 
Who knows!  I think I'm just inept! LOL!!!
Anyway, I'll be taking it out to the Brass Armadillo today.
The poem around the edge is The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe. 
The Lady in the center is Pallos, mentioned in the poem.
Hello has an old phone image,
 Goodbye has a hand skeleton waving.
Yes has a picture of Jesus
 and No has a vintage picture of the devil.
The Sun and Moon are clay.
The "fence" across the middle is stamped,
and the little gold bottle would be a great
Vase for a tiny black flower!

Brass Armadillo is open 9-9 Daily. 
 Call 816-847-5260 for any questions. 
I'm dealer 640 in Booth 99!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Tags and Scrabble Tiles Galore!

Last Saturday, we had so much fun at the Brass Armadillo making Halloween and Thanksgiving Tags and Cards.  We're going to be making Christmas Cards on Nov 26th, too.  So, mark your calendars and join us for the fun!  The class will be free and there will be discounts on anything you buy from me that day in my Booth 99!  
The Halloween Tags are just so cute and can be used for So Many different Applications like--
Scrapbooking, Journals, Gift Bags, Gift Baskets, Flowers, Wine---the ideas are pretty much endless! Buy the ones I've created or buy the supplies and make your own!

Below is a picture of some of the Scrabble Tiles and Anagram Letters I have for Sale.  I also have words already created, but decided to take the time to mark the individual letters, so you can spell whatever you want.  Most are just 25 cents.  The more rare letters are up to 40 cents. 

Below are two Thanksgiving Tags I created. 
Great Addition to that Pumpkin Pie you'll take to
Aunt Sally's House

The Makeup Case holds a variety of 12x12 Christmas Papers and some October Afternoon 6x6 packets

This is where I'm beating my head against the wall!! LOL!! For the life of me, I cannot get these pictures below to print upright!  URGGGHHHH!!!!*****@@@###!!!
Anyway, if you twist your neck just right (45* Angle) you will see lots of tags and Bingo cards decorated for Halloween.  There are Blank Bingo Cards for your very own creations along with LOTS of Vintage Reproduction Printed Postcards for your own art work!
I'm sorry!  Hope to get it figured out really soon!

And, here we have lots of Cool Halloween Papers and vintage Cards, Game Pieces etc. with a Black and Orange Theme!

Don't miss out on some Great Deals and Some Cute Ideas for making Halloween and your Memories
a Little Brighter with some Vintage Art~~~
See you at the Brass Armadillo  9-9 Daily   Call 816-847-5260 with any questions.  Remember to Say "I'm a Friend of Jannie's" and get 15% off your purchase everytime you shop my booth!  I also have Wallspace #20 just past the Cafe' Area! 
Happy Scrapping! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween Time in Jannie's Booth 99

I am once again in the process of Re-Creating my Booth 99.  I have added so many cool little Bargains for you to use in creating beautiful and fun Halloween Projects!  Don't miss out on the great selections.  I'll be adding lots more items this week.  Remember any time you go shopping in Booth 99, tell the Clerks you're a "FRIEND OF JANNIE'S" and get a 15% discount-- everytime-- on every item!  The Brass Armadillo is open 9-9 Everyday except Christmas!!  Call with any questions at 816-847-5260.  I'm Dealer 640.

Beautiful 7 Gypsies Papers.  6 per pack for $1.00 Double Sided!!

Fun accessories for your Halloween Art Work!

More Scrabble Tiles and Letter Sticker packs
plus Vintage Doilies

Large Flash Cards and Halloween Tags
 &Graphic 45 Papers

My Wall Space #20 just past the Cafe' Area

Some of my Halloween Reproduction cards !  So Fun to use!

Some of the Card selections we'll be creating on Sat. Oct. 1st
Class is Free at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall
Join us at 1 p.m. and create a Thanksgiving and Halloween Card.
Registration is required--leave a comment here, sign up by calling the store 816-847-5260, e-mail me at Janniesbooth99@gmail.com
or "friend me" on Facebook to let me know!
We will be hosting
a Vintage Paper Crafting Workshop Each Month!
Keep Watching for the Christmas Workshop--Nov 26th at 1 p.m.!
Plus, get pictures taken with Santa!!!

The main part of my Magic Halloween Witchy Banner
strung with Black Ribbon!
A smaller banner on small flash cards! BOO!

My "Witchy Women" little picture.  it has 3 tags hanging on it
a Moon, a Crow, and a tag with the words from the Eagles song
Witchy Woman!   Only 7.50!

Some Tea Stained Bingo Cards  1.00 each!

Join in the Fun of Vintage Paper and Ephemera--it's the best "Green" thing you can use in all your Art Work!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What's New in Jannie's Booth 99

Here is the latest picture of my booth...check out all the great Fall Holiday Items!
This shelf has some darling little gift tags or scrapbook tags.  In Black and Orange--
Just perfect for Halloween! And, flash cards from 1951 (Multiplication and Division).  
Plus,  some Great Graphic 45 Papers..

Here is an old pants hanger full of cute vintage (Reproduction) Halloween postcards for you to use in your own Creations..

See my file box of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Football, and Christmas papers--all priced right for YOU!

I have 100's of Scrabble tiles made into words already--so the digging is done for you!  Several vintage looking alphabet stickers and some true vintage doilies and table runners.

 This rack contains so many precious old items for your creations--there are Buttons, Matchbook Covers, Old Jewelry, Postcards, Tons of vintage Game Pieces and Cards, Playing Cards, Packets already put together for you to have a vast array of supplies, Bingo and Lotto Cards, Vintage Used Postage Stamps, Old Book Pages, Sewing items, plus Much, Much More!

I have also rented Wall Space just past the Cafe' Area.  #20...Please note all the great Halloween items I have hanging here....Lots of # 13's and 31's in all different kinds of cards.  Scrabble Tile Words such as Trick or Treat-Bones-Boo-Scary-Fear-Potion-Poison-and many more
These are a few of the pictures I have hanging on the wall Space and also some packets of Scrapbook Paper.  Graphic 45 Wizard of Oz Papers

       This is an overview of the wall space.

Now just to let you know, I did a little clip for IAntiques.com with our store Manager, Bruce, yesterday.   As soon as he posts it to IAntiques, I'll be sure and post a link.  Always remember I offer 15% off your orders just for saying "I'm a Friend of Jannie's".  Pretty easy discount savings--don't miss out!
  I will be offering a Cardmaking workshop for Halloween/ Thanksgiving on Oct 1st.  Saturday at 1 p.m.  Be sure and sign up for your spot on the list--it will be a FREE CLASS and you'll leave with at least 2 cards!  Then, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Nov 26th, I'll be doing a Christmas Card Workshop.  (More details to follow soon!) We plan on doing a workshop of some sort each month and showing you great ideas for using vintage papers in your art projects.  The Sign up sheet will be posted by this Saturday in the store.  Come in and see a sample of what you'll be making!   NO SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED--just some GLUE AND CUTTING!  It Will be FUN!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exciting News!!

Hey All,
   I just placed a HUGE ORDER for Holiday Themed Scrapbook papers and the best part is-they should be here before this weekend.......BECAUSE........this weekend is the Customer Appreciation Sale at the Brass Armadillo.  So, that means everything is 15% off ALL MERCHANDISE in the Mall.  I'll be sure and post pictures when the paper comes in.
  Mark Your Calendars--- Sept 16th I'll be hosting a Seminar using vintage items in your scrapbooking and art creations.  Be sure to stay tuned.  Then on Oct 1st, I'll be doing a Card Workshop for Halloween/ Thanksgiving.  On Nov 26th I'll be doing a Christmas/ Holiday Themed Card Workshop. Have fun creating your own Halloween, Thanksgiving and  Holiday Cards!!

Lots of Exciting things happening in Jannie's Booth 99!  Don't miss out on these fun and creative classes!
    See Ya this weekend at the Brass Armadillo 9-9 Daily  816-847-5260

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Items at the Brass Armadillo!

Hello Everyone, 
   I marked my Jim Beam Decanters down to give away prices and they've been flying off the shelf!  I still have lots more at the Brass Armadillo, so be sure and check them out!  Joe and I have been busy doing things around the house and resting.  It's really been too HOT to do much work outside or in the garage, so I've been crafting quite a lot.

        This Altered Picture is " A Rose of Sorts"
            The images are Graphic 45 paper and a Vintage book on Botany.  The background paper are on a book cover.  I think it turned out ok for an amatuer!
  Really old tin icecream spoons--
make great angel bodies for altered art!

Vintage boxes decorated with bows and a tag.

Many packs of vintage postage stamps--

Please have a safe and fun summer.  It's going fast!

Also, please keep our son Scott in your prayers. 
He has a herniated disc and is in a tremendous amount of pain.  Thanks!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Vacation!

Here we are in the last two weeks of July!
Where has the summer gone? And, why does it have to be SO CRAZY HOT?
Every year, for I can't remember how long, Joe and I have closed the daycare for these last two weeks.  Always, we have grandious plans to clean, clean, sort, sort and
TRASH TRASH TRASH! Last year, we went to the East Coast and visited Joe's friend from High School and his brother and family.  We had a wonderful time and maybe sometime soon we can repeat the fun! This year, the HOT outlook for the week does not look like it will cooperate with our plans for working, but I'm sure we'll get something done inside
which will be good and much needed.
The picture I posted is of my Mother, oldest, sister Emily, right, and sister Kathleen, left.
These 3 women were an amazing inspiration to me and have guided my work ethic, faith, family life and ability to cope with whatever life throws my way.  They were like all sisters, fighting and feuding at times, but always there when one was in need.  There with Love, Support and FOOD!  As an only child, I don't have that bond, and I miss it greatly.  But, I do have good friends and for that I'm thankful.  I'm especially thankful that I have 3 such Loving and Caring children.  I'm thankful that their faith in God is strong and unfailing.
I am especially thankful at this point in my life that my girls chose to give me a 6 month membership to Weight Watchers for Mother's Day.  As of last Thursday, I had lost 19#'s with many more to go, but,  feeling that my goal is attainable.  I know I feel so much better now than I have felt in years and for that I'm eternally grateful.
I pray that all who read this will have a safe and healthy rest of the summer.  School will be starting again before we know it.  I will have a houseful of children again and have so much to be thankful for.  The trust of Parents to let Joe and me watch and love their children is something I cherish. 

So, Until I get something exciting for Jannie's Booth 99--See ya later!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jannie's Booth 99 7/12/11

Beth and Anna took Lauren Swimming with them today, so Joe and I ran out to stock somemore items at the BAAM.  Below is a Huge selection of wooden scrabble tiles, Darling little Lotto playing cards (mini sized), lotto numbers and all the rest of the goodies on my rack of treasures.

This is a rack of vintage papers and pictures.  Agnes Scott College, Decater, GA,  Yearbook Pictures from 1928...the ones on the top shelf are "The Prettiest Girls in School". 
Thinking that would be lawsuit material today!

Look at all the Beautiful Papers....

And the Graphic 45 papers...Elegant double sided sheets !!

The Top Shelf

A Cozy Corner Shot---

Monday, July 11, 2011

Graphic 45 Papers!

So, my thought is---What's Not to Love about these papers!!
Absolutely Gorgeous!!
I have papers from the Collections
Curtain Call, Le Romantique, and Christmas Past
Be sure and stop by my Jannie's Booth 99
at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall to ck them out...

The paper on the left is from Curtain Call and the right is Le Romantique

Some of the delightful Christmas Papers

             The key paper is from the Le Romantique Collection
Remember, all you have to say is I'm a friend of Jannie's to get the 15% discount on all papers, etc.!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Some of the 1968 Ads I took to the Brass Armadillo Tonite

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Today I had just a little spare time, so I packaged up some 1968 Auto Ads.
They are all together in a Marked File box in my Booth 99 on Arizona
This picture is a goodyear ad.  It has one car from each year up until 1967! 
Great picture for your garage or Man Cave

And this is a 1968 Chevy Nova II--it's a 2 page ad...should bring back lots of fun Memories
Here's a 1968 Pontiac GTO..Man that's one car that could get up and GO!!

   This picture has 3 Chevy's--Chevy II, Chevelle, and Chevrolet
Plus I have Ads for Cameros, Corvettes, Dodge Dart, Plymouth styles, Buick, Pontiac, Olds, Even a 2 page comparaing an Ambassador (American Motors) to a Rolls Royce!
If you're a car lover, these ads are fun trip down Memory Lane!
Hope to see you at the Brass Armadillo this weekend.
Open 9-9 Daily  816-847-5260

I'll be there tomorrow from 11 til 4 or 5..come on out and STAY COOL!!