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2012 Journals for My Kids--Anna, Scott, Beth

Last year, I decided to make a journal for myself--for better record keeping.  Good idea--didn't always work out! (Honest truth here!!).  After I made it, my daughters were taken with it, so I made one for them also. This year I asked the girls if they'd like another one--not sure if it had been placed in use or just admired.  They both said yes.  I then decided that maybe it would help our Financially challenged son, too!
For Some reason, I took lots of pictures of Anna's journal and just one of Scott's and Beth's.  Oh well, they're all laid out pretty much the same!  After some friends of Beth and Anna's saw the journals, I now have orders for more!

Anna's was made with the pad Red and Black Paper by Jenn Bowlin.

For Scott's I used more masculine paper from the Collection of Tim Holtz.  His of course had no frills!

For Beth's, I used  October Afternoon paper from the 5 & Dime pad and a selection of papers from Emma's Sewing Collection.  (both purchased at Hobby Lobby)
On all of the journals, I used Black Electrical tape (Friction) to hold the papers down on the binding area.  This seems to be the area that gets the most wear and tear. 
I started with the cheapy Composition Notebook, printed off 12 months of calendars on 6 sheets of paper, divided up the months into sections of 7 pages.  This left 16 pages for "NOTES".  The pocket is on the inside of the back cover.  After I took the pictures, I did purchase some Black string head bands for use around the book to hold everything in place as thing get added.  On the front and back cover, I applied a coat of polyurathane to seal everything up tight!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  Enjoy Crafting in 2012!!