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Saturday, January 7, 2012

JanniesBooth99: 2012 Journals for My Kids--Anna, Scott, Beth

JanniesBooth99: 2012 Journals for My Kids--Anna, Scott, Beth: Last year, I decided to make a journal for myself--for better record keeping. Good idea--didn't always work out! (Honest truth here!!). Af...

Our Valentine "Make and Take" at the Brass Armadillo

So, today was an impromtu Make and Take at the Brass Armadillo and we had a great time.  One of the ladies even said "they should announce this again.  I can't believe that more people aren't coming to do this craft"! 
That made my day!
Anyway, the first picture is a sample of the card I made and the rest are the pictures of what everyone else created.  We started with Vanilla Cardstock, aged with Tim Holtz Walnut Stain.  Then we applied some quite brittle paper from an old German Book and aged that too.  On top of that we glued some Cheesecloth.  Then came the heart and the button to top it off--with a little lace, you've got it! 
 Simple, Quick and Darling!! 

 This little cutie was made by a 5th Grader!!

 And this lady made this Valentine for her husband who was patiently waiting--hence the NO lace look!
We had a GREAT TIME!!

My Sweet Little DayCare Kids Presents!

Every year, I try and make something special for my Daycare Kids.  They are all so lucky and get so many clothes, toys, books, etc. that I feel something I've made is different.
The first picture here is a magnetic art display that I made for Haylie.  She won the kindergarten Art contest at her school last year and so I thought this would give her a pretty place to display some of her work in her room.  All the flowers and crystals have heavy magnets on the back.  Just took an old rusty cookie sheet and painted it in her very favorite color! I painted chipboard letters in a metalic taupe and attached them with glue to the paper background.

For the younger kids, I purchased some heavy cardboard letters in the initial of their first name.  I painted them pink and red (girl and boy) and arranged pictures I had taken during the last few months of each child and some friends.  I got the idea to run the pictures through the Zyron machine and it worked Super!!  I glued ribbon around the edges and was very pleased with the way they turned out!